Gold IRA and Gold IRA Rollovers

My boss the other day asked me “Hey Jim? Why would anyone want to put gold in their retirement account?” And me being the diplomatic employee answered by saying “ Why not?” Wanting to stay gainfully employed I was careful as to how I answered that question to avoid a sort of Pandora’s Box. He went on to suggest that Gold in one’s Gold IRA or Gold IRA Rollovers was not the not the way to invest but to invest only in common stock. As it would be a better investment. The only problem with his statement was this “ Gold prices have risen about 500% in the last ten years which can’t be said of the stock market I was thinking. So I told him (my boss) that I was only looking to diversify my investment and retirement portfolio. He smiled and chuckled as he walked off and said “OK, have t your way!” So as I continued to fill out the paper for the human resources department to have part of my 401k to be converted to a Gold IRA rollover or a Gold IRA. At least I will finally diversify my overall portfolio I’m thinking. A Gold 401k (Gold IRA) may not be a panacea but will suffice for not to help smooth out some the bumps and bruises from the stock market .

My journey first began actually six months ago, when I stumbled upon and requested a free investment guide. I continued to research other companies and to look at their background and record when it cam to investing in actual physical gold but could only find that one company that had referred me to. They also have a review of the Top Gold Companies in that handled gold as physical investments in one’s Gold IRA rollover.

Top Gold companies reviews are are very important and not all custodians are created equal.  A true comparison of Top Gold Companies can reveal what custodians are treating their customers fairly and honestly or just RIPPING THEM OFF!